Experts at delivering quality fabricated steel on-time and on-budget

Successfully balancing competitive pricing, tight schedules, and a quality steel product takes experience and flexibility. Nu Steel Fabricators have the certifications, capacity, and focus on customer satisfaction that ultimately helps our customers be more competitive.

From structural steel fabrication to plate steel fabrication and miscellaneous steel to handrails, ladders, steel joists, decking, anchor bolts, grating, stair treads and more, Nu Steel Fabricators excels at meeting exact job specifications. We’re able to help customers by designing or assisting with design, eliminating communication errors. We also manufacture unique, non-standard fabrications in our facility as well as on-site steel erection and installation.

Every step of the way, we employ a Quality Assurance Program that sets guidelines and parameters for the materials, consumables, and workmanship that goes into our production of fabricated steel.

When it helps to have a project manager on-site, we’re there to keep the schedule on target. Being close to the action ensures accuracy, avoids problems or delays, and often saves you money.

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