Santa Claus

Young Architects Design Santa’s New Compound

The city of Oulu, Helsinki Design Week, Ruukki Construction, and renowned Norwegian design and architecture firm Snohetta put on a contest for young architects to design a modern home and distribution facility for Santa Claus. Santa wanted the layout to be efficient, sustainable and be able to blend in with the environment of the North Pole. Read more here: Architects Compete To Design Santa’s Modern Digs

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construction worker

Demand for Steel to Hit Highest Mark Since 2007

After enduring anemic pricing and spotty growth the cold-formed steel industry is looking to reach it’s highest point since 2007. Experts believe the stabilized pricing of steel and the increase in production will lay the groundwork for growth in 2015. Read more here :Demand for Steel projected to Hit Highest Mark Since 2007

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Dubai Skyscaper officially tallest in the world

At 829.8 meters tall, the Burj Khalifa building in downtown Dubai is the tallest man-made structure in the world. The building totaled 7 Guinness World Records including Tallest Building(828.5m), Tallest Man-made Structure on Land(828.5m), Highest Residential Apartments(385m), Most Floors in a Building(160), Highest Restaurant From Ground Level(441m), Tallest Elevator(504m), and Highest Observation Deck(555.7). The tower uses a bundled tube design which utilized about half the amount of steel that the Empire State Building used. The engineers had to develop a […]

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