Robotic Welding Arms

Rise Of The Machines

The machines truly are taking over. In a report by Frost & Sullivan they are predicting the market for robotic welding to increase by almost 40 percent by the year 2020. The report is also anticipating the Asian-Pacific region to see the largest amount of growth. Read the report here.

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Sub Arc Welding

What is Submerged Arc Welding?

When the demand for modular plate works increases, manufacturers turn to a technological advancement called submerged arc welding, or commonly referred to as sub-arc or SAW. This process is basically used to join metals through heating with an arc/s between bare metal electrode/s. It can make higher weld deposit in one pass. Sub-arc uses a blanket of granular fusible material as a protection to the weld and the arc zone from any atmospheric contamination and also serves as a stabilizer […]

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