Plasma Transferred Wire Arc Technology

US Auto Manufacturers Develop New Processes to Shed Pounds

In an effort to adhere to strict new vehicle fuel efficiency standards, requiring that the U.S. auto fleet average 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025, American auto manufacturers are attempting to shed vehicle weight any way they can. Ford has developed a new welding process that can drop more than 6 pounds per engine built. Plasma transferred wire arc(PTWA) uses the electricity in a plasma cloud to vaporize metal wire that is then sprayed on to the cylinder walls of the […]

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Rusted Steel

Harvard Scientists Develop Coating That Protects and Strengthens Steel

A Harvard team discovered that their existing SLIPS(Slippery Liquid Porous Surfaces) technology, designed to repel liquids away from steel, also strengthens the steel it’s coating. Using electrochemical deposition, the team applied a surface layer of rough nano-porous tungsten oxide to small sheets of steel. The rough surface the applied tungsten oxide leaves not only drives off water but also reinforces the steel. Read more here.

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A bridge over a canal in Amsterdam

Dutch Company to 3D Print functional Bridge in Amsterdam

Dutch company MX3D plans to utilize self-developed 3D printing technology to build an elegant metal bridge over a canal in downtown Amsterdam. The machine uses a robot with a welding machine and special software designed to control the printer. The robot has the ability to print with steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum and bronze. Read more about it here.

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Job Site

GPS-Like Tracking Device For Construction Almost Ready for Market

Red Point Positioning has, for the last three years, been developing a GPS-like tracking system for people and resources on a job site. With the unit looking to be available in the first quarter of 2016 all indications from early testers is that the program is exceptional. Using an ultra-wideband frequency the system transmits through walls and achieves horizontal location accuracy to within 8 inches. Transmitter/receiver nodes need to be spaces out about 50 meters apart on the job site for the system […]

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man pouring molten steel in a melt shop

Nu Steel Fabricators is working on revolutionary “Flex-Mill”

Nu Steel Fabricators has been working on the innovative new “flex-mill” for Big River Steel in Osceola, Arkansas. The Big River Steel mill is going to produce 1.6 million tons of steel per year. They will be able to produce the widest and thickest hot rolled steel strips in North America. The mill’s proximity to Memphis, one of the leading logistics hubs in the nation, and the Mississippi River, with its high supply of inbound scrap alloys, should be highly advantageous to […]

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Bridge Inspectors

Minnesota Department of Transportation is Using Drones to inspect Bridges

In an effort to cut back on time and money the Minnesota Department of Transportation is using drones to inspect the underside of a few bridges. Drones may soon replace the traditional inspection method which utilizes a basket-and-lift inspection vehicle to hang inspectors over the side of the bridge. Some bridges inspections require up to an 11 team inspection crew and a traffic crew. Read more here.

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