Big River Steel Mill Set to Open in 2016

The worlds first flat-rolled flex mill is set to open mid-2016. Big River Steel Mill in Osceola, Arkansas sits on roughly 1,300 acres and will have the ability to produce 1.6 millions tons of steel every year. Approximately 30 percent of the structural work is finished. The most noteworthy being the giant hollow structural sections that were erected in the finishing mill. The finishing mill be 747, 060 square feet when completed. Read more here.

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Hydrogen Embrittlement

Researchers are trying to Find Out Why Hydrogen Makes Steel Brittle

Engineers have long known that hydrogen makes steel brittle but no one has yet figured out why the weakening occurs. While stronger and lighter steel continues to become available, steel’s one remaining weakness, called hydrogen embrittlement, holds it back from mainstream use. Oxford University researchers are now collaborating to try to sove this mystery once and for all. Read more here.

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Big River Steel Under Construction

Big River Steel Mill Projected to have 3 Billion Dollar Impact on the Local Economy

In what is being called the biggest economic development project in Arkansas history, it is being estimated that the Big River Steel Mill will have a 3 billion dollar impact on the local economy. Big River Steel has moved 1.2 million cubic yards of soil and installed 22,000 tons of rebar so far in the massive project. The space under the roof of the finishing mill facility is roughly 747,000 square feet or the equivalent of 16 football fields. Nu […]

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Nuclear Power Plant

Steel Plate Composite Construction is Being Used to Build Better Nuclear Power Plants

After the nuclear meltdown at the Fukushima Power Plant in 2011 there is a clear need for more secure nuclear power plants. Steel plate composite construction, which uses pre-fabricated steel plate modules, offers increased protection, a shorter fabrication schedule and the ability to use greener concrete products. The plate steel faceplate makes for a much more durable structure. The ability to pre-fabricate the modules cuts out concrete forming and rebar work which can reduce the fabrication process by years. Plate steel composite construction also […]

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