A welder welding surrounded by welding fumes

Weld Fume Hazards and How to Protect Yourself

  Welding fuses two metal pieces together melting the base metal and a filler material forming a joint that is often stronger than the base metal. The heating of the base metal and filler causes vapors to emanate from the arc concentrating into extremely fine particles that can be exceedingly bad for human health. We have summarized some of the best practices for protecting yourself and others around you from the dangers of welding fumes.   What is in welding […]

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Hot Rolled Coil of Steel

Big River Steel Now Open For Business

Commercial Director, Mark Bula, announce that the flex mill was officially open for business at the 6th annual Steel Summit Conference. According to Mark, the first commercial orders for hot rolled coil steel will start to be fulfilled in December with cold rolled to start in January2017 and galvanized to begin in March. “Flex mill meets niche needs that are underserved in the United States,” said Bula. The new Flex is capable of producing a wide product variety of superior […]

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