Construction Drone

3D Robotics Unveils Drone to Cloud Solution

3D Robotics is joining forces with Sony and Autodesk that allows job site drone data collection and processing on a single platform. The smart drone will gather data and images utilizing Sony technology. The data will then be uploaded to the 3DR cloud to be processed with Autodesk’s ReCap. Read more here.

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BIM Modeling Software

New Modeling Software Increases Workflow Efficiency

Trimble just released 3 new versions of their modeling software that are designed at improving efficiency in the analysis and design process. The new programs have a much improved user interface with customizable menus and icons that shorten the learning curve and speed up the design and analysis process. Read more here.

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Tall Building

NASA Rocket Technology is Making Buildings Safer During Earthquakes

New technology developed by NASA aimed at reducing vibration in rockets is now being used to help counteract buildings from swaying during earthquakes.   Most current building’s use a tuned mass damper(TMD) which is a massive weight that counterbalances a buildings movements in the event of seismic activity. This was not an option for NASA since the extra weight of a TMD would not allow the rocket to lift off of the ground.   Scientists at at NASA were then forced […]

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Cold-Formed Steel Studs

Environmental Product Declaration For Cold-Formed Steel Studs and Track

The first ever Environmental Product Declaration for cold-formed steel studs and track was issued for the US and Canada by the Steel Recycling Institute recently. The documents are designed to help engineers and architects to detail their projects environmental impacts in order to help them gain certification from the US Green Building Council and various other green building certifications. Read more here.

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US Bank Stadium Construction

Photos: New Vikings Stadium About 90% Finished

Photos were recently released revealing the 90% completed US Bank Stadium. The new stadium measuring 1,750,000 square feet will be the new home for the Minnesota Vikings, the facility will also be open 355 of the year for public events like amateur sports, entertainment events and cultural celebrations. The seating capacity is going to accommodate approximately 66,000 fans. Check out the pictures here.

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