With 40 acres outside of Childersburg, Alabama, Nu Steel has ample space for receiving, producing and shipping multiple large-scale steel fabrication projects. We have 140,000 square feet of production and material storage space with modern equipment that turns out quality fabricated steel from the very simple to the most complex and custom made steel products available. In fact, we perform quite a few steel fabrication functions that are not widely handled by other steel fabricators.

Here’s how we meet the specific needs of various industries:

Structural, Misc. and Plate Nu Steel Fabricators is well experienced in providing steel fabrication solutions for buildings, equipment supports, process supports, walkways, access platforms, safety ladders and railing, modular and panel casing steel and duct steel, Our team is capable of managing procurement, engineering, manufacturing, coating, shipping, and installation of most any kind of steel fabrication project. We are a national supplier with projects across the US. View our Proccessing Equipment here. 

International Projects When you award your non-domestic steel fabrication project to Nu Steel, you can rest assured that we have the resources and capabilities to manage costs, quality, and schedule. We can work with you to deliver to a US port of export or completely through to the final destination.

Competitive Pricing At Nu Steel we are able to keep down our manufacturing costs through paying attention to details, striving to eliminate mistakes, thoroughly searching out the best material pricing, and keeping our over-head low. Our efforts in quality control and efficient production practices allow us to price projects at a very competitive, cost-effective threshold. We have a good reputation as a provider of competitively priced, value added, steel fabrication solutions.

Fast ROM (Rough Order of Magnitude) Budgets Contact us for assistance in pricing your budget for fabricated steel on your next project. We have extensive experience in bidding projects with preliminary information. We understand that your time may be extremely limited and we pride ourselves on reacting in a timely manner in order to provide real, experienced, help in putting your budget together. From budget to procurement, we are ready to support your efforts and be involved in every step of the process. Please go to our Contact page and let us know how we can help with your ROM budget.



The success of your project hinges on materials being right – the first time. Nu Steel’s Quality Assurance Program starts when we receive raw materials. Here are the steps we take to ensure proper handling and accuracy:

1. Receiving All raw materials are received on site, inventoried and inspected to project specifications. Then they are entered into our material inventories with the required material test reports and heat numbers associated to each piece. Careful attention to the unloading process helps us reduce waste, save time and ensure that the products we fabricate meet our customers requirements and expectations once fabricated.

2. Drawings Working from electronic or hard copy drawings, we translate what you provide us to detailed shop drawings. We can also work with you to create the design you want us to build. We carefully analyze and plan the entire scope of the project before making shop and erection drawings for your approval prior to fabrication.

3. Material Cutting The raw material is cut to size and connection holes are added using a variety of modern computer guided machines depending on the type of material being cut. View our Processing Equipment here. 

4. Welding Parts are measured and fit-up according to drawings. Then, a QC check verifies accuracy before final welding. Whether using automatic or manual welding, we monitor the welding process with our in-house certified weld inspectors (CWI’s) for accuracy.

5. Cleaning for Painted Parts We apply the correct cleaning procedures required by the customers’ specification and/or the paint manufactures’ specifications which can be a simple solvent clean (SP-1), hand-tool clean (SP-2), power tool clean (SP-3), white metal blast (SP-5), commercial blast (SP-6), brush off blast (SP-7), or near-white blast (SP-10). Proper cleaning provides the proper surface for bonding the paint system to the steel. View our Steel Preparation here. 

6. Painting Protective coating systems are available for almost any environment or project requirement. Our inspectors check for proper paint application using a variety of sophisticated measuring devices to ensure the primers and paints have been applied correctly to the specifications. View our application of primers, paints and other coatings here. 

7. Shipping Before the product is loaded on trucks for delivery a final inspection is performed and the quality is documented and archived. The load list or packing list is verified and the load is transported to national or international destinations.

Nu Steel fabricators has the experience, credentials and industry certifications that give you confidence when you trust us with your steel fabrication projects. We take pride in our products and people, and we’re dedicated to top-level service for customers.