Hot Rolled Coil of Steel

Big River Steel Now Open For Business

Commercial Director, Mark Bula, announce that the flex mill was officially open for business at the 6th annual Steel Summit Conference. According to Mark, the first commercial orders for hot rolled coil steel will start to be fulfilled in December with cold rolled to start in January2017 and galvanized to begin in March. “Flex mill meets niche needs that are underserved in the United States,” said Bula. The new Flex is capable of producing a wide product variety of superior […]

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Tall Building

NASA Rocket Technology is Making Buildings Safer During Earthquakes

New technology developed by NASA aimed at reducing vibration in rockets is now being used to help counteract buildings from swaying during earthquakes.   Most current building’s use a tuned mass damper(TMD) which is a massive weight that counterbalances a buildings movements in the event of seismic activity. This was not an option for NASA since the extra weight of a TMD would not allow the rocket to lift off of the ground.   Scientists at at NASA were then forced […]

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Cold-Formed Steel Studs

Environmental Product Declaration For Cold-Formed Steel Studs and Track

The first ever Environmental Product Declaration for cold-formed steel studs and track was issued for the US and Canada by the Steel Recycling Institute recently. The documents are designed to help engineers and architects to detail their projects environmental impacts in order to help them gain certification from the US Green Building Council and various other green building certifications. Read more here.

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US Bank Stadium Construction

Photos: New Vikings Stadium About 90% Finished

Photos were recently released revealing the 90% completed US Bank Stadium. The new stadium measuring 1,750,000 square feet will be the new home for the Minnesota Vikings, the facility will also be open 355 of the year for public events like amateur sports, entertainment events and cultural celebrations. The seating capacity is going to accommodate approximately 66,000 fans. Check out the pictures here.

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Graphene Coating

Anti-Corrosive Coating Being Developed With Graphene

Technology firm Applied Graphene Materials is partnering up with Sherwin-Williams to develop a new anti-corrosive coating material using high material graphene. Graphene is a densely packed layer of carbon atoms that are linked together in a hexagonal honeycomb structure. There will be many uses for the new coating including protecting ship hulls below the water line. In ship hull applications the graphene coating will also increased the ship hulls lubricity allowing the ship to travel at higher speeds and improving fuel efficiency. […]

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Shanghai Tower

Second Highest Skyscraper is Completed in Shanghai

Construction was recently concluded on the second tallest building on earth after 6 years of construction. The building stands a whopping 2,073 feet above Shanghai, China and cost an estimated $2.3 billion dollars. The skyscraper features a unique design that twists 120 degrees in order to cut down on the effects of wind on the building. The building is officially recognized as the worlds second tallest building by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat following Dubai’s Burj Khalifa […]

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I beams at Wrigley Field's 1060 Project

Wrigley Field Gets Major Steel Expansion

Historic Wrigley Field in Chicago is undergoing a large-scale expansion neighboring the ballpark. The addition know as the 1060 Project will be the new home of the teams clubhouse and offices as well retail space and an outdoor plaza. They are also building new outfield bleacher seats. A total of 880 tons of steel was installed in the outfield. Read more about the project here.

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