Steel Mill

New Non-Invasive Imaging Developed in UK

New Technology developed at the University of Bath enables steel makers to constantly monitor and adjust the cooling process. Steelmakers are hoping the new technology, called induction tomography, will help make the UK steel industry competitive again by creating higher quality steel faster and more efficiently. Read more here.

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Zirconium Oxide

Creating Alloys That Tolerate Hydrogen

A group of MIT researchers have created a new metal alloy that stands up to hydrogen rich environments. Hydrogen tends to compromise steel structures ductility over time creating big problems for steel structures exposed to high levels of hydrogen. They discovered that, if engineered correctly, a coating of Zirconium Oxide can act as a protective barrier. Read more here.

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Construction Drone

3D Robotics Unveils Drone to Cloud Solution

3D Robotics is joining forces with Sony and Autodesk that allows job site drone data collection and processing on a single platform. The smart drone will gather data and images utilizing Sony technology. The data will then be uploaded to the 3DR cloud to be processed with Autodesk’s ReCap. Read more here.

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Tall Building

NASA Rocket Technology is Making Buildings Safer During Earthquakes

New technology developed by NASA aimed at reducing vibration in rockets is now being used to help counteract buildings from swaying during earthquakes.   Most current building’s use a tuned mass damper(TMD) which is a massive weight that counterbalances a buildings movements in the event of seismic activity. This was not an option for NASA since the extra weight of a TMD would not allow the rocket to lift off of the ground.   Scientists at at NASA were then forced […]

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Mile High Building Japan

New Building In Japan Could Be a Mile High

Structural engineering firm Leslie E. Robertson Associates and architects from Kohn Pedersen Fox are looking to erect a building that is a mile high in Japan. It will be the centerpiece of a mini city, dubbed Next Tokyo, in Tokyo bay aimed at battling climate change. In an effort to brace itself for rising tides, Next Tokyo will consist of a chain of hexagon shaped islands that would create a barrier that would protect against surging tides. Read more here.

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Offshore Wind Turbine

Durable Coating Developed for Offshore Energy Farms

Researchers for the Advanced Coatings for the Offshore Renewable Energy (ACORN) project have developed an aluminum based coating for offshore renewable energy sources. It is more environmentally friendly than traditional coating systems and lasts 20+ years at sea avoiding the need for additional cathodic protection. Since these structures cannot be dry-docked for maintenance corrosion protection has posed a major challenge. Read more here.

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