Nu Steel’s reputation for reliability comes from experience in the industries we serve. Knowing the most efficient and cost-effective methods for each industry enhances our customers’ ability to compete successfully. Such knowledge also contributes to getting the best price and schedule possible. Above all, you need to know that the job will be done right, with a high quality fabricated steel result by top level steel fabricators.

Pollution/Environmental Control Solutions Supporting power producers, pollution and environmental compliance often needs structural steel, casing and duct work for equipment such as Selective Catalytic Recovery (SCR), Absorber/Scrubber, Electro Static Precipitator (ESP), Bag-House. NuSteel provides the support steel, plate steel, and miscellaneous steel for hoppers, silos, and duct work. We also use our experience with coal producers and water treatment plants to design the steel to clean flue gas on the boilers.
Power Producers The protective coating requirements for power plant projects are often very stringent and cannot be correctly applied by unexperienced steel fabrication shops. The paint has to be done just right to meet the required standards. NuSteel is an AISC certified company with a Sophisticated Paint Endorsement. We have the experience and equipment to handle the heavy-duty coating systems.
Petro-Chemical Petro-Chemical plant construction is another area where the protective coating requirement gets a lot of attention. NuSteel is proud to offer certification credentials that set us apart from other providers of fabricated steel for heavy industry.
Steel Mills We are well experienced with heavy fabricated structural components such as large column assemblies and large crane girders. These items make up the structural skeleton of Melt Shops, Rolling Mills, Finishing Mills, and other parts of steel manufacturing operations. Our relationships and reputation for integrity in the steel industry make us a go-to resource for fabricated steel.
Pulp and Paper NuSteel has experience working with manufacturers of pulp and paper. In a shrinking industry, attention to the bottom line is paramount. NuSteel understands what it takes to work within client budgets and uses our extensive purchasing power to offer competitive pricing without sacrificing quality.
Government, Aerospace, and Military We have experience in providing fabricated steel solutions to the US Corp of Engineers and US Military. Embassy buildings, security fencing, maritime vessels, and aircraft maintenance platform systems are among the projects that we have shown our flexibility to fabricate a variety of project types.
Commercial Buildings Structural steel, miscellaneous steel, concrete decking, and steel joists are typical requirements for commercial buildings. With many fabricators to choose from, building contractors look to NuSteel for our expertise, service reliability, and competitive pricing.
Automotive Manufacturing For the competitive and fast-paced world of auto manufacturing, NuSteel can provide fabricated steel solutions that are tuned to aggressive schedules and tight budgets. We are experienced in cooperation with civil, mechanical, and electrical contractors to insure the project stays on time and within budget.