Tall Building

NASA Rocket Technology is Making Buildings Safer During Earthquakes

New technology developed by NASA aimed at reducing vibration in rockets is now being used to help counteract buildings from swaying during earthquakes.


Most current building’s use a tuned mass damper(TMD) which is a massive weight that counterbalances a buildings movements in the event of seismic activity. This was not an option for NASA since the extra weight of a TMD would not allow the rocket to lift off of the ground.


Scientists at at NASA were then forced to develop a new way reduce the rocket’s vibrations in order to products the people and machinery onboard. They eventually created the LOX Damper which was installed in the ship’s gas tank.  It changes the liquid’s frequency to counteract the frequency of the rocket’s vibration utilizing the weight of the fuel to counteract the vibrations.


This technology is now available for engineers to install on new building or retrofit on older ones. The device is the size of a coffee can and can use the buildings pipes, swimming pool or fire sprinklers.

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