Structural Steel Welder

New Remote Control Welding Technology is Improving Efficiency

New remote control technology is giving the welder much more control of the weld settings while at the weld joint. This is proving to be highly beneficial for welding when there is considerable distance between the joint and power source.

Traditionally, remote controls required an additional cord running to the power source to control voltage, these are more costly to buy, manage and repair. Wireless is also an option but it leaves the welder no way to adjust the voltage without walking back to the power source. This can leave welders stuck with a single array of welding parameters. Wireless also has distance issues, usually only being able to communicate from 200-300 feet and can be obstructed by job site conditions.

Remote control technology now can use the existing weld cables to house the RC wires all while giving complete control of process selection, wire feed speed and voltage. Read more here.