man pouring molten steel in a melt shop

Nu Steel Fabricators is working on revolutionary “Flex-Mill”

Nu Steel Fabricators has been working on the innovative new “flex-mill” for Big River Steel in Osceola, Arkansas. The Big River Steel mill is going to produce 1.6 million tons of steel per year. They will be able to produce the widest and thickest hot rolled steel strips in North America. The mill’s proximity to Memphis, one of the leading logistics hubs in the nation, and the Mississippi River, with its high supply of inbound scrap alloys, should be highly advantageous to the mill.

Some of Big River’s Capabilities will be:

  • The ability to direct charge direct reduced iron into the furnace which is crucial for niche industries like electrical and automotive.
  • Ruhrstahl Heraeus degassing technology for decreased nitrogen and carbon levels essential for certain drawing and forming applications.
  • Liquid core reduction technology at the caster to effectively adjust slab girth and allow for wider/lighter cross section sizes and stronger grades.
  • More robust tunnel furnace for the most challenging steel classes.

Nu Steel is providing structural steel including:

  • Access platforms and equipment supports in the pre-heat furnace area of the Galv-line.
  • Heavy structural wide flange members for the upper parts of the crane/building columns in the Melt Shop. Most of the columns weigh 10 tons a piece.
  • Embedded beams, and embedded anchors in other areas of the mill.

For more pictures and info please visit our project page.