Processing Equipment

DSC_6822 r1
FICEP Gemini HD 36 CNC Drilling, Milling, and Thermal Cutting System.
Drilling and Tapping Operation up to 1-5/8 Inch Diameter Hole
HD Plasma Cutting up to 2 Inch Thick Steel
Oxy Fuel Cutting up to 5 Inch Thick Steel
Operating Table Dimensions – 41Ft x 12Ft

Peddinghaus Corp BDL 1250/9 CNC Drill Line
Will Handle Shapes up to 50 Inches Wide
Will Handle Shapes up to 24 Inches High
Maximum 1-5/8 Inch Diameter Hole
9 Drill Spindles
Rated for Maximum Production

DSC_6852 r1
Peddinghaus Corp 1250 DG Miter Band Saw
Will Cut Shapes up to 49 Inches Wide
Will Cut Shapes up to 20 Inches High
Miter Cuts up to 60 Degrees
Blade Width is 2-5/8 Inch
Rated for Maximum Production