C-5 Galaxy Maintenance Platforms

Project: C-5 Galaxy Maintenance Platforms

Industry Served: Government, Government, Aerospace, and Military,

Location: USA

Tons of Steel: 125

Project Overview

Our team fabricated rolling maintenance platforms for the US Air Force engineered specifically for the C-5 Galaxy Jet. The platforms allow maintenance technicians access to all necessary sectors of the mega transport jet.

Built by Lockheed-Martin, the C-5 Galaxy is among the largest aircrafts in the world and the largest airlifter that the Unites States Air Force employs. The jet can carry larger payloads farther than any other aircraft. With a wingspan of 222 feet, a length of 247 feet and a height of 65 feet maintenance is a major undertaking for the behemoths. The maintenance platforms Nu Steel fabricated allows for easy access to all areas of the massive jets.