North American Stainless - Bright Annealing Line and Sendzimir Mill

Project: North American Stainless - Bright Annealing Line and Sendzimir Mill

Industry Served: Heavy Industrial, Steel Mills,

Location: Ghent, Kentucky

Tons of Steel: 2,470

Project Overview

NuSteel Fabricators provided 2,470 tons of heavy structural steel to help build the structure that is housing North American Stainless’ new Bright Annealing Line and Cold Rolling Sendzimir Mill at their facility in Ghent, Kentucky. The building is over 1,050 feet long, 200 feet wide and includes a high-bay that is 200 feet tall. NuSteel also provided steel roof deck, bar-grating and handrails for the project. The shop drawings were prepared using Tekla 3-d Modeling Software.
The engineers at North American Stainless chose to protect the steel with Carboline’s Carboguard 890 steel coating. Carboguard 890 has proven to be a very workable solution for the coating team at NuSteel. This epoxy mastic coating is exceptionally resistant to chemicals and is selected time and time again for the toughest jobs.
The bright annealing line degreases and heat treats the steel strips after they have been run through the Cold Rolling Sendzimir Mill, leaving the steel with a luminous finish. The Bright Annealing Line also has skin pass and tension leveling to supply added flatness and quality to the steel before the sides are sheared to spec.