Steel Dynamics - Hot Metal Bay Expansion

Project: Steel Dynamics - Hot Metal Bay Expansion

Industry Served: Heavy Industrial, Steel Mills,

Location: Butler, Indiana

Tons of Steel: 620

Project Overview

The crew at Nu Steel fabricated 620 tons of heavy structural steel for the new Hot Metal Bay expansion at Steel Dynamics Inc.’s Flat Roll Division in Butler, Indiana. The building houses 2 overhead cranes that have a lifting capacity of 300 tons each and operate 85 feet above the mill floor. The crane support girders were fabricated to tight tolerances specified in the AISE Technical Report #13. The column support assemblies are over 14 feet wide, 125 feet tall and weigh 47 tons each. The shop drawings were prepared using Tekla 3-D Modeling Software.

Steel Dynamic Inc.’s Flat Roll Division is the only mini-mill in North America able to produce cold roll, hot roll, painted and coated stock from a single facility. The steel sheets produced at Steel Dynamic inc. are used for construction products, appliances, automobiles, agricultural products, electronics, pipe and tubing and office furniture.