Sub Arc Welding

What is Submerged Arc Welding?

When the demand for modular plate works increases, manufacturers turn to a technological advancement called submerged arc welding, or commonly referred to as sub-arc or SAW. This process is basically used to join metals through heating with an arc/s between bare metal electrode/s. It can make higher weld deposit in one pass. Sub-arc uses a blanket of granular fusible material as a protection to the weld and the arc zone from any atmospheric contamination and also serves as a stabilizer to the arc during the welding process. In addition to that, the blanket also prevents flying of any spatters and sparks and represses any fumes and radiation. Submerged arc building is often employed for heavy structural construction like vessel building and chemical plants as it can make welds of various sizes that otherwise cannot be done efficiently in wire welding.

Uses and Benefits of Submerged Arc Welding

The sub-arc welding process shows numerous uses and benefits that can help boost welding efficiency. Here are some:
• Sub-arc gives out higher deposition rates.
• Heavy-duty welds can be readily made.
• Because of its high heat concentration, you can expect welding speeds to be higher, which can help in preventing the weld looking distorted. Added to that, since it holds greater heat intensity, it can easily weld and penetrate thicker materials or sections.
• Welds are produced with clean appearance and smooth shape.
• Weld material deposits are uniform, are resistant of corrosion and have great impact strength.
• Welding can be done indoors or outdoors as you do not have to worry about sparks, splatter, smoke, or flash when the welding process begins.
• Submerged arc welding is deemed to be friendlier to the environment as you can recover, recycle, and reuse 50% to 90% of the flux.

Why Choose NuSteel Fabricators?
Sub-arc welding is generally known about but is not heavily used. If you are interested in this process, it is recommended that you get someone who truly knows about this type of welding. NuSteel Fabricators is a company that specializes in it, using it for structural steel fabrication and plate steel fabrication in industrial construction. We use Miller welders exclusively for our sub-arc welds. They produce large welds that are commonly associated with building 3-plate crane girders, 3-plate column and beams, and many other assemblies requiring heavy duty welds. Aside from being an expert on this type of welding, the company values quality above everything else. They have a strict adherence to the welding specification standards set by the American Welding Society. Added to that, their quality control is per the American Institute of Steel Construction.

NuSteel Fabricators has been since 2002 and are a frontrunner in the structural steel and plate steel fabrication industry. They have worked with top companies completing projects ranging from environmental to heavy industrial. Some of their projects are JK Spruce Energy (Baghouse Heavy Plate Steel) in Texas, Steel Dynamics Inc. (Building and Support Steel) in Indiana, MERC Ballast Tank Pump (Heavy Plate Steel) in Chesapeake Bay, and Johns Manville (Building and Support Steel) in Ohio. These projects are proof of how NuSteel Fabricators performs their work with quality and efficiency.